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The management reserves the right to make judgment calls. We can't write a rule for everything. If we see nonsense on the forum we will take care of it and let you know why. This is the "no nonsense" rule.

1. No content that is considered racist, sexist, obscene, objectionable, or otherwise offensive content will be tolerated. All such posts or content will be deleted without notice. This includes avatars and photos uploaded in the photo gallery. This could result in the loss of your membership. Arguably objectionable topics, should you find the desire to post them, should at the bare minimum have a descriptive title to warn anyone sensitive to said topic if its arguably acceptable content.

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5. Please only post one thread per topic, and update that thread as needed. For example, if you post a lap band journey thread, please post all subsequent posts and pictures into that same thread you had already started instead of creating new threads about the same topic. It is ok to post subsequent posts in the same thread as new posts (you do not need to "edit" your recent post, you may post new posts on the same thread as entirely new posts). You may easily locate your threads - in your user control panel, there's a list of your subscribed threads.

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7. Users may disagree with the decisions or actions of the moderators and/or administrators - however, disagreements, criticism, and the like, are not to be aired within the forums. Please feel free to PM the person directly rather than air your dirty laundry in public.

8. Any abuse towards our staff and/or management may result in suspension of your account.

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10. Commercial posts, links, and signatures. An occasional link or a recommendation to a bariatric surgeon or a bariatric or cosmetic product is allowed, provided the vast majority of your posts do not contain such links or solicitations. Please do not plan to use your account on our lap band forum with the sole purpose to solicit business for your surgery facility or other type of business. The idea here is we do not want our community to be a competition of lap band surgery coordinators one-upping each other and competing for business, or cosmetic line representatives flogging their products to the community. Your posts should be helpful, supportive, conversational, etc, and if so, an occasional recommendation or link will be allowed. We monitor the forums closely and we reserve the right to make judgement calls along these lines and clean up spammy posts. If you are unsure, it can't hurt to ask a moderator beforehand what is or isn't allowed. Building up a reputation and having a strong presence beforehand is always recommended. Additionally, please remember that this rule may change over time, based on the growth and direction of our community, potential abuse of this rule, and overall site policy changes that may occur in the future. The buying, selling, or trading of signatures is prohibited. Images in signatures should not exceed 468 pixels wide. You may have a maximum of three images and/or two off-site links in your signature. Videos in signatures are not allowed.

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13. Username changes are allowed. Please contact us at this link if you want to change your username.

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15. Account deletion. Generally speaking, does not delete accounts. Accounts are lifetime memberships. If you wish to leave the forum, your account will remain. All existing posts and feedback will remain associated with the account. You may update your user title and signature to identify that you have left the forums, have clocked out, or that you are taking a hiatus from the site, etc. In the case where members are banned, the account will remain with the posts and feedback as well. Discussions are threaded and so if accounts or threads or posts, etc., were allowed to be deleted - the posts made after those threads would be orphaned or lost, putting the community to a detriment. Everyone remaining would wonder where their posts went if threads were severed. Please do not participate on this site if you do not understand this rule and how forums generally work. The username you select when joining and your posts are visible to the public.

16. Plagiarism. We ask that our members only write, upload, or post their own original work, and give credit to any other original author where any credit would be due. Please do the right thing, be courteous when quoting another author and presenting information as if you wrote it or took the photo or otherwise.

Rules subject to change without notice.

Please enjoy the discussions and do your best to lead by example in creating a civil environment of mutual understanding and learning. There's wonderful knowledge found here and members with amazing stories and knowledge about lap band surgery, please make the most of it!